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NOTE: For the 1st-4th years, see: ST/LIB/SER.F/2 (53.I.3). - Index to proceedings first published in 1964.

64th year (2009): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.46 (10.I.9)

63rd year (2008): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.45 (09.I.7)

62nd year (2007): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.44 (08.I.13)

61st year (2006): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.43 (07.I.13)

60th year (2005): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.42 (06.I.13)

59th year (2004): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.41 (05.I.61)

58th year (2003): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.40 (04.I.17)

57th year (2002): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.39 (03.I.15)

56th year (2001): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.38 (02.I.15)

55th year (2000): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.37 (01.I.14)

54th year (1999): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.36 (00.I.19)

53rd year (1998): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.35 (99.I.16)

52nd year (1997): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.34 (98.I.14)

51st year (1996): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.33 (97.I.6)

50th year (1995): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.32 (96.I.16)

49th year (1994): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.31 (95.I.25)

48th year (1993): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.30 (94.I.12)

47th year (1992): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.29 (93.I.19)

46th year (1991): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.28 (92.I.12)

45th year (1990): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.27 (91.I.7)

44th year (1989): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.26 (90.I.7)

43rd year (1988): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.25 (89.I.5)

42nd year (1987): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.24 (88.I.11)

41st year (1986): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.23 (87.I.6)

40th year (1985): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.22 (86.I.9)

39th year (1984): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.21 (85.I.11)

38th year (1983): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.20 + Corr.1-2 (84.I.9)

37th year (1982): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.19 (83.I.11)

36th year (1981): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.18 (82.I.6)

35th year (1980): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.17 (81.I.12)

34th year (1979): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.16 (80.I.7)

33rd year (1978): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.15 (79.I.8)

32nd year (1977): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.14 (78.I.7)

31st year (1976): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.13 (77.I.8)

30th year (1975): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.12/Rev.1 + Corr.1 (76.I.8)

29th year (1974): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.11 (75.I.8)

28th year (1973): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.10 (74.I.11)

27th year (1972): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.9 (73.I.4)

26th year (1971): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.8 (72.I.8)

25th year (1970): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.7 (71.I.11)

24th year (1969): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.6 (70.I.18)

23rd year (1968): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.5 (69.I.19)

22nd year (1967): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.4 (68.I.15)

21st year (1966): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.3 (67.I.18)

20th year (1965): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.2 (66.I.15)

19th year (1964): ST/LIB/SER.B/S.1 (65.I.17)