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NOTE: Allocation of agenda items: A/C.5/64/1. - Status of documentation: A/C.5/64/L.1, A/C.5/64/L.27, A/C.5/64/L.35. - Membership: A/C.5/64/INF/1. - Chairperson: Mr. Peter Maurer (Switzerland); Vice-Chairpersons: Mr. Danilo Rosales Díaz (Nicaragua), Mr. Babou Sene (Senegal) and Ms. Sirithon Wairatpanij (Thailand); Rapporteur: Ms. Yuliana Zhikova Georgieva (Bulgaria). Website: http://www.un.org/ga/fifth/.

Overview: A/64/482 + Add.1, A/64/524 + Add.1, A/64/528, A/64/547 + Add.1, A/64/548 + Add.1-2, A/64/549-553 + Add.1, A/64/580-582 + Add.1, A/64/592-596 + Add.1-2, A/64/723-724, A/64/774 + Add.1, A/64/820-828, A/64/831-835

112 (a) (appointment: ACABQ): A/64/524 + Add.1

112 (b) (appointment: Committee on Contributions): A/64/525

112 (c) (appointment: Investments Committee): A/64/526

112 (d) (appointment: Board of Auditors): A/64/527

112 (e) (appointment: ICSC): A/64/528

129 (financial reports: Board of Auditors): A/64/547 + Add.1

130 (review of UN efficiency): A/64/596 + Add.1-2

131 (programme budget: 2008-2009): A/64/594

132 (budget: 2010-2011): A/64/548 + Add.1-2, A/64/835

133 (programme planning): A/64/549

135 (pattern of conferences): A/64/580

136 (scale of assessments): A/64/482 + Add.1

137 (human resources management): A/64/550

138 (JIU): A/64/724

139 (UN common system): A/64/581

140 (report: OIOS): A/64/551

141 (review of the implementation of GA resolutions 48/218B, 54/244 and 59/272): A/64/723

142 (administration of justice at the UN): A/64/582 + Add.1

143 (financing: Rwanda Tribunal): A/64/592

144 (financing: Yugoslavia Tribunal): A/64/593

145 (scale of assessments): A/64/595

146 (financing: peacekeeping operations): A/64/820, A/64/835

147 (financing: Burundi): A/64/821

148 (financing: Cote d'Ivoire): A/64/822

149 (financing: Cyprus): A/64/823

150 (financing: Democratic Republic of the Congo): A/64/824

152 (financing: Timor-Leste): A/64/825

153 (financing: Ethiopia and Eritrea): A/64/826

154 (financing: Georgia): A/64/552

155 (financing: Haiti): A/64/774 + Add.1

156 (financing: Kosovo): A/64/827

157 (financing: Liberia): A/64/828

158 (a) (financing: UNDOF): A/64/829

158 (b) (financing: UNIFIL): A/64/830

159 (financing: Sudan): A/64/831

160 (financing: Western Sahara): A/64/832

161 (financing: Darfur): A/64/833, A/64/835

162 (financing: Central African Republic and Chad): A/64/834

163 (financing of activities arising from S/RES/1863 (2009): A/64/553 + Add.1, A/64/835