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NOTE: Draft programme of work: A/C.2/67/L.1 (29 Aug. 2012) + Add.1 (status of documentation).- Allocation of agenda item: A/C.2/67/1; Chairperson: Mr. George Wilfred Talbot (Guyana); Vice-Chairpersons: Mr. Stefano Stefanile (Italy) and Mr. Tauhedul Islam (Bangladesh); Rapporteur: Ms. Aida Hodzic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) ; Website: www.un.org/en/ga/second/index.shtml.

17 (information and communications technologies for development): A/67/434

18 (macroeconomic policy questions): A/67/435

18 (a) (macroeconomic policy questions: international trade and development): A/67/435/Add.1

18 (b) (macroeconomic policy questions: international financial system and development): A/67/435/Add.2

18 (c) (macroeconomic policy questions: external debt sustainability and development): A/67/435/Add.3

19 (International Conference on Financing for Development and 2008 Review Conference): A/67/436

20 (sustainable development): A/67/437

20 (a) (sustainable development: Agenda 21): A/67/437/Add.1

20 (b) (sustainable development: Mauritius Strategy): A/67/437/Add.2

20 (c) (sustainable development: International Strategy for Disaster Reduction): A/67/437/Add.3

20 (d) (sustainable development: global climate): A/67/437/Add.4

20 (e) (desertification): A/67/437/Add.5

20 (f) (sustainable development: biological diversity): A/67/437/Add.6

20 (g) (sustainable development: UNEP): A/67/437/Add.7

20 (h) (sustainable development: harmony with Nature): A/67/437/Add.8

20 (i) (sustainable development: new and renewable sources of energy): A/67/437/Add.9

21 (Habitat II): A/67/438

22 (globalization and interdependence): A/67/439

22 (a) (globalization and interdependence: role of the United Nations): A/67/439/Add.1

22 (b) (globalization and interdependence: international migration and development: A/67/439/Add.2

23 (countries in special situations): A/67/440

23 (a) (countries in special situations: follow-up on the least developed countries): A/67/440/Add.1

23 (b) (countries in special situations: landlocked developing countries): A/67/440/Add.2

24 (eradication of poverty): A/67/441

24 (a) (eradication of poverty: Second United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty (2008-2017)): A/67/441/Add.1

24 (b) (eradication of poverty: industrial development cooperation): A/67/441/Add.2

25 (operational activities for development): A/67/442

25 (a) (operational activities for development: United Nations): A/67/442/Add.1

25 (b) (operational activities for development: South-South cooperation for development): A/67/442/Add.2

26 (agriculture development and food security): A/67/443

61 (Palestinian people): A/67/444

116 (work of the General Assembly): A/67/445

131 (programme planning): A/67/446