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NOTE: Allocation of agenda items: A/C.5/67/1:- Status of documentation: A/C.5/67/L.1; Organization of work: A/C.5/67/L.21, A/C.5/67/L.32 -Chairperson: H.E. Mr. Miguel Berger (Germany); Vice-Chairpersons: Mr. João Augusto Costa Vargas (Brazil), Ms. Anna Reich (Hungary) and Mr. Bilal Taher Muhammad Wilson (Saudi Arabia); Rapporteur: Mr. Justin Kisoka (United Republic of Tanzania); - Membership: A/C.5/67/INF/1; - Website: www.un.org/en/ga/fifth/

69 (b) (human rights: human rights questions): A/67/670, A/67/672

69 (c) (human rights: human rights situations and reports of special rapporteurs and representatives): A/67/672

94 (general and complete disarmament): A/67/671

111(a) (appointment of members of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions):A/67/559 + Add.1

111(b) (appointment of members of the Committee on Contributions):A/67/560

111(c) (confirmation of the appointment of members of the Investments Committee):A/67/561

111(d) (appointment of members of the International Civil Service Commission):A/67/562 + Add.1

111(e) (appointment of members and alternate members of the United Nations Staff Pension Committee):A/67/563

128 (financial reports: Board of Auditors): A/67/666 + Add. 1

129 (review of the efficiency of the administrative and financial functioning): A/67/673 + Add.1 + Add.2 + Add.3

130 (programme budget: 2012-2013): A/67/672, A/67/677 + Add.1 + Add.2 + Add.3

131 (programme planning): A/67/668

133 (pattern of conferences): A/67/664

134 (report):A/67/502 + Add.1

137 (UN common system): A/67/678

138 (UN pension system): A/67/667

139 (Administrative and budgetary aspects): A/67/662

141 (administration of justice at the UN): A/67/669

142 (financing: Rwanda Tribunal): A/67/674

143 (financing: former Yugoslavia Tribunal): A/67/675

144 (financing: residual mechanism for criminal tribunals): A/67/676

145 (scale of assessments): A/67/665

146 (peacekeeping operations): A/67/858 + Add.1

147 (financing: Abyei): A/67/898

149 (financing: Cote d'Ivoire): A/67/899

150 (financing: Cyprus): A/67/900

150 (b) (financing: Lebanon): A/67/914

151(financing: Congo): A/67/901

153 (financing: Timor-Leste): A/67/663 + Add.1

154 (financing: Georgia): A/67/902

155 (financing: Haiti): A/67/903

156 (financing: Kosovo): A/67/904

157 (financing: Liberia): A/67/905

158 (a) (financing: Middle East): A/67/906

158 (b) (financing: Lebanon): A/67/914

159 (financing: South Sudan): A/67/907

160 (financing: Sudan): A/67/908

161 (financing: Syrian Arab Republic): A/67/909

162 (financing: Western Sahara): A/67/910

163 (financing: Darfur): A/67/911

164 (financing: activities arising from Security Council resolution 1863 (2009)): A/67/912

171 (financing: Mali): A/67/913