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NOTE: As of 16 Jan. 2017, documents available online in UNBISnet with series title "Resolutions and Decisions of the Security Council".
Press release first published in 1994 and ceased publication in 2006.

1 Aug. 2011-31 July 2012: S/INF/67 (SCOR)

1 Aug. 2010-31 July 2011: S/INF/66 (SCOR)

1 Aug. 2009-31 July 2010: S/INF/65 (SCOR)

1 Aug. 2008-31 July 2009: S/INF/64 (SCOR)

1 Aug. 2007-31 July 2008: S/INF/63 (SCOR)

1 Aug. 2006-31 July 2007: S/INF/62 (SCOR)

1 Aug. 2005-31 July 2006: S/INF/61 (SCOR), Press release SC/8627 (=2005)

1 Aug. 2004-31 July 2005: S/INF/60 (SCOR), Press release SC/8293 (=2004)

1 Aug. 2003-31 July 2004: S/INF/59 (SCOR), Press release SC/7976 (=2003)

1 Aug. 2002-31 July 2003: S/INF/58 (SCOR), Press release SC/7630 ( = 2002)

1 Jan. 2001-31 July 2002: S/INF/57 + Corr.1 (SCOR), Press release SC/7267 ( = 2001)

2000 (55th year): S/INF/56 (SCOR, 55th year), Press release SC/6988

1999 (54th year): S/INF/55 (SCOR, 54th year), Press release SC/6792

1998 (53rd year): S/INF/54 (SCOR, 53rd year), Press release SC/6623

1997 (52nd year): S/INF/53 (SCOR, 52nd year), Press release SC/6469

1996 (51st year): S/INF/52 (SCOR, 51st year), Press release SC/6315

1995 (50th year): S/INF/51 (SCOR, 50th year), Press release SC/6155

1994 (49th year): S/INF/50 (SCOR, 49th year), Press release SC/5974

1993 (48th year): S/INF/49 (SCOR, 48th year)

1992 (47th year): S/INF/48 (SCOR, 47th year)

1991 (46th year): S/INF/47 (SCOR, 46th year)

1990 (45th year): S/INF/46 (SCOR, 45th year)

1989 (44th year): S/INF/45 (SCOR, 44th year)

1988 (43rd year): S/INF/44 (SCOR, 43rd year)

1987 (42nd year): S/INF/43 (SCOR, 42nd year)

1986 (41st year): S/INF/42 (SCOR, 41st year)

1985 (40th year): S/INF/41 (SCOR, 40th year)

1984 (39th year): S/INF/40 (SCOR, 39th year)

1983 (38th year): S/INF/39 (SCOR, 38th year)

1982 (37th year): S/INF/38 (SCOR, 37th year)

1981 (36th year): S/INF/37 (SCOR, 36th year)

1980 (35th year): S/INF/36 (SCOR, 35th year)

1979 (34th year): S/INF/35 (SCOR, 34th year)

1978 (33rd year): S/INF/34 (SCOR, 33rd year)

1977 (32nd year): S/INF/33 (SCOR, 32nd year)

1976 (31st year): S/INF/32 (SCOR, 31st year)

1975 (30th year): S/INF/31 (SCOR, 30th year)

1974 (29th year): S/INF/30 (SCOR, 29th year)

1973 (28th year): S/INF/29 (SCOR, 28th year)

1972 (27th year): S/INF/28 (SCOR, 27th year)

1971 (26th year): S/INF/27 (SCOR, 26th year)

1970 (25th year): S/INF/25 (SCOR, 25th year)

1969 (24th year): S/INF/24/Rev.1 (SCOR, 24th year)

1968 (23rd year): S/INF/23/Rev.1 (SCOR, 23rd year)

1967 (22nd year): S/INF/22/Rev.2 (SCOR, 22nd year)

1966 (21st year): S/INF/21/Rev.1 (SCOR, 21st year)

1965 (20th year): S/INF/20/Rev.1 (SCOR, 20th year)

1964 (19th year): S/INF/19/Rev.1, +Add.1 (Consolidated checklist 1946-1964) (SCOR, 19th year)

1963 (18th year): S/INF/18/Rev.1 (SCOR, 18th year)

1962 (17th year): S/INF/17/Rev.1 (SCOR, 17th year)

1961 (16th year): S/INF/16/Rev.1 (SCOR, 16th year)

1960 (15th year): S/INF/15/Rev.1 (SCOR, 15th year)

1959 (14th year): S/INF/14/Rev.1 (SCOR, 14th year)

1958 (13th year): S/INF/13/Rev.1 (SCOR, 13th year)

1957 (12th year): S/INF/12/Rev.1 (SCOR, 12th year)

1956 (11th year): S/INF/11/Rev.1 (SCOR, 11th year)

1955 (10th year): S/INF/10/Rev.1 (SCOR, 10th year)

1954 (9th year): S/INF/9/Rev.1 (SCOR, 9th year)

1953 (8th year): S/INF/8/Rev.1 (SCOR, 8th year)

1952 (7th year): S/INF/7/Rev.1 (SCOR, 7th year)

1951 (6th year): S/INF/6/Rev.1 (SCOR, 6th year)

1950 (5th year): S/INF/4/Rev.1, S/INF/5/Rev.1 (SCOR, 5th year)

1949 (4th year): S/INF/3/Rev.1 (SCOR, 4th year)

1948 (3rd year): S/INF/2/Rev.1 (III) (SCOR, 3rd year)

1947 (2nd year): S/INF/2/Rev.1 (II) (SCOR, 2nd year)

1946 (1st year): S/INF/2/Rev.1 (I) (SCOR, 1st year)