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NOTE: Full text of listed resolutions can be retrieved at: http://documents.un.org/ (use simple search screen for current resolutions; use advanced search screen for resolutions between 1946-1993).

[29th?] Disarmament [Fourth]: convened by A/RES/50/70 F, A/RES/51/45 C, A/RES/56/24 D

28th (24 Jan. 2005) Commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps: convened by agreement among Member States (see Press release SG/SM/9672-GA/10325), [outcome: no resolution adopted]

27th (8-10 May 2002) Follow-up to World Summit for Children: convened by A/RES/54/93, General Assembly decision 56/401 (postponement), A/RES/56/222 (new dates) [outcome: A/RES/S-27/2]

26th (25-27 June 2001) HIV/AIDS: convened by A/RES/54/283, A/RES/55/13 [outcome: A/RES/S-26/2]

25th (6-9 June 2001) Human settlements: convened by A/RES/52/190, A/RES/53/180 [outcome: A/RES/S-25/2]

24th (Geneva, 26 June-1 July 2000) Social development: convened by A/RES/50/161, A/RES/53/28 [outcome: A/RES/S-24/2]

23rd (5-10 June 2000) Women: convened by A/RES/52/231 [outcome: A/RES/S-23/2-3]

22nd (27-28 Sept. 1999) Small island developing States: convened by A/RES/S-19/2, A/RES/52/202, A/RES/53/189 B [outcome: A/RES/S-22/2]

21st (30 June-2 July 1999) Population and development: convened by A/RES/52/188 [outcome: A/RES/S-21/2]

20th (8-10 June 1998) Narcotic drugs: convened by A/RES/51/64 [outcome: A/RES/S-20/2-4]

19th (23-27 June 1997) Environment (Agenda 21): convened by A/RES/47/190, A/RES/51/181 [outcome: A/RES/S-19/2]

18th (23 Apr.-1 May 1990) Development and international economic cooperation: convened by General Assembly decision 43/460 [outcome: A/RES/S-18/3]

17th (20-23 Feb. 1990) Narcotic drugs: convened by A/RES/44/16 [outcome: A/RES/S-17/2]

16th (12-14 Dec. 1989) Apartheid: convened by A/RES/43/50 G [outcome: A/RES/S-16/1]

15th (31 May-25 June 1988) Disarmament [Third]: convened by A/RES/42/40 [outcome: A/S-15/50]

14th (17-20 Sept. 1986) Namibia: convened by A/RES/40/97 F [outcome: A/RES/S-14/1]

13th (27 May-1 June 1986) Critical economic situation in Africa: convened by A/RES/40/40 [outcome: A/RES/S-13/2]

12th (7 June-10 July 1982) Disarmament [Second]: convened by A/RES/S-10/2 [outcome: A/S-12/32]

11th (25 Aug.-15 Sept. 1980) New international economic order: convened by A/RES/32/174 [outcome: A/RES/S-11/4]

10th (23 May-30 June 1978) Disarmament [First]: convened by A/RES/31/189 B [outcome: A/RES/S-10/2]

9th (24 Apr.-3 May 1978) Namibia: convened by A/RES/32/9 H [outcome: A/RES/S-9/2]

8th (20-21 Apr. 1978) Financing of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon: convened by A/S-8/2 [outcome: A/RES/S-8/2]

7th (1-16 Sept. 1975) Development and international economic cooperation: convened by A/RES/3172 (XXVIII) [outcome: A/RES/3362 (S-VII)]

6th (9 Apr.-2 May 1974) New international economic order: convened by A/9541 [outcome: A/RES/3201-3202 (S-VI)]

5th (21 Apr.-13 June 1967) Namibia / Peace-keeping operations: convened by A/RES/2145 (XXI) [outcome: A/RES/2248-2250 (S-V)]

4th (14 May-27 June 1963) Financing of peace-keeping operations: convened by A/RES/1866 (XVII) [outcome: A/RES/1874-1880 (S-IV)]

3rd (21-25 Aug. 1961) Tunisia: convened by A/4831 [outcome: A/RES/1622 (S-III)]

2nd (Flushing Meadow and Lake Success, 16 Apr.-14 May 1948) Palestine: convened by S/RES/44 (1948) [outcome: A/RES/185-187 (S-2)]

1st (Flushing Meadow and Lake Success, 28 Apr.-15 May 1947) Palestine: convened by A/286 [outcome: A/RES/106-107 (S-1)]